Committed to real relationships.


Emmanuel Baptist is an outgoing and friendly church where you can feel comfortable sharing and worship among friends and neighbors. Bring the whole family and see for yourself. We are especially appreciative of visitors and always try to make you feel welcome. We are a modest and unassuming group of believers who appreciate; Bible based preaching, honest and unpretentious values, and the importance of a good potluck.


Emmanuel is a church where deep beliefs and cherished doctrines are held close to the heart. We do not attempt to add anything to the conditions of salvation as revealed in the New Testament which we see as simply; repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Our prayer is that everyone who is touched by our ministry would be drawn closer to God through a better understanding of His virtues, His impartiality, and His eternal plan for each and every one of us.

Please come and visit on Sunday we would love to meet you!


Who We Are:

  • We are a small, multi-ethnic, loving family of believers that exists to connect people to Jesus Christ and His Church.

  • We are imperfect but are constantly seeking to be more like Jesus in our daily walk through this life.

  • We are diverse in our relationship with Him where lifelong followers are serving alongside new believers and recent converts.

  • We are disciples of Jesus, taking seriously His command to take the Gospel message to Meeker, Colorado, and beyond.

  • We are doers in the community, not ashamed to humbly step out in Faith serving others as Jesus would do.

  • We are a house of prayer, dedicated to that God given spiritual link that enables us to remain in step with His Spirit.

  • We are believers in the viewpoint that every Christian is “Saved to Serve” in some unique way as God has gifted you.

  • We are Southern Baptists, free to govern ourselves, but we cooperate with other Southern Baptists for the cause of Missions.

The Baptist Faith & Message

On June 14th, 2000, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a revised summary of our faith. The committee's report says in part:

"Baptists cherish and defend religious liberty, and deny the right of any secular or religious authority to impose a confession of faith upon a church or body of churches. We honor the principles of soul competency and the priesthood of believers, affirming together both our liberty in Christ and our accountability to each other under the Word of God.

Baptist churches, associations, and general bodies have adopted confessions of faith as a witness to the world, and as instruments of doctrinal accountability. We are not embarrassed to state before the world that these are doctrines we hold precious and as essential to the Baptist tradition of faith and practice.

As a committee, we have been charged to address the "certain needs" of our own generation. In an age increasingly hostile to Christian truth, our challenge is to express the truth as revealed in Scripture, and to bear witness to Jesus Christ, who is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life."


The 1963 committee rightly sought to identify and affirm "certain definite doctrines that Baptists believe, cherish, and with which they have been and are now closely identified." Our living faith is established upon eternal truths. "Thus this generation of Southern Baptists is in historic succession of intent and purpose as it endeavors to state for its time and theological climate those articles of the Christian faith which are most surely held among us."


It is the purpose of this statement of faith and message to set forth certain teachings which we believe."